SEO Services

Be where your customers are looking for you

Generate qualified traffic, contacts and sales thanks to natural referencing (SEO).

Tailor-made SEO services

Optimize your web visibility

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? One of the most profitable channels among all digital marketing strategies for attracting Internet users.

Benefit from a 24/7 online presence thanks to organic SEO. Attract the attention of your target audience to the content of your site, obtain better notoriety, visitors really interested in what you do, and more conversions.

Ouiscribe helps you take the place you deserve on search engines while making sense of it. And by staying true to your values. Optimize your natural web visibility!


On-page SEO

Keywords, web writing, optimization, internal networking, etc.

Off-page SEO

Backlinks, content strategy, social networks, etc.

Technical SEO

Tree structure, site speed, SXO (UX + SEO), broken links, etc.

SEO Coaching

Personalized individual sessions (one-one).

Who are natural referencing services aimed at?

SEO services are intended for independent professionals, VSEs, SMEs wishing to improve their visibility on the Web and more broadly develop their organic acquisition strategy. In Paris and everywhere in France.

Individual online SEO workshops are available to entrepreneurs and individuals. Face-to-face group sessions for businesses are possible (on demand).

Finally, Ouiscribe provides support to Parisian web agencies on site optimization projects.

What are the advantages of natural referencing?

Successful search engine optimization brings many advantages and benefits:

● Respond to Internet users’ search intentions 

● Climb the Google rankings 

● Make your activity known, stand out 

● Attract qualified visitors to your website 

● Improve your users’ experience (UX)

● Enhance your brand image 

● Highlight your expertise

● Attract and retain your target customers

When to call on an SEO consultant?

There are several justified situations for using my SEO services. Here are the main reasons:

● You plan to launch your website

● You are considering a redesign of your current site

● You are seeing a drop in traffic and rankings in search results or you are simply not getting the results you expected

● You don’t have a national/local SEO strategy

● You need an opinion on a problem

● You lack time and resources to take care of your web SEO

What makes an SEO project successful

The success of an SEO campaign lies in the skillful combination of these four essential ingredients.

A carefully crafted strategy

A human approach

A well-established work process

A process of continuous improvement

Digital services

Digital Marketing

Each project is unique, which is why Ouiscribe offers tailor-made digital solutions adapted to your specific needs, your business and your sector of activity. All while placing Humans at the heart of communication.

Organic SEO / SEO services

Keyword strategy, technical and editorial optimization, link strategy (netlinking), consulting, local and national SEO.


Content marketing & social media

Content strategy, copywriting, writing blog articles, newsletters, e-books, social media management (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.).


Audits and reporting

Competitor audit, content audit, technical audit, link audit, SEO impact monitoring and analysis, Social Media statistics.


Ready for better SEO?

Here's what happens next.

Let’s get in touch! 

Upon receipt of your message, we can schedule an initial call (without obligation) if you wish.


Our conversation will be punctuated by a certain number of questions in order to better understand your marketing objectives and specific expectations.

Research and analysis

This is the phase of searching and gathering information to design a personalized plan focused on priorities and results.

Tailor-made strategy

Finally, it's time to develop an effective strategy that perfectly meets your needs, including a retro-plan, the list of deliverables, the methods used, etc.

Like pyramids, a well-designed SEO strategy stands the test of time

and continues to attract visitors for years.

The SEO Scribe

Quality before quantity

3 golden rules to remember for embark on the exciting adventure of natural referencing.


Organic SEO is not an exact science. Algorithm changes can impact website rankings. This often involves testing and adjusting to maintain and achieve favorable positions in the SERP (result page). No one masters all the intricacies of SEO.


Natural SEO requires time and constant effort. It's not an instant magic solution, but lhe benefits can be considerable in the long term provided you are resilient in the face of waiting. That said, in some cases, results can also be seen quickly.


In order to position yourself as an authority in your field, you must be ready to share your expertise with your community, your prospects, using relevant content and useful resources. Generosity in content is an invaluable asset to strengthen an SEO strategy.

Digital marketing advice

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